The foundation for the design of public and residential interiors is the client's wishes and visions. The first step is getting to know the customer and getting to know him as he is the person who will use the interior. The concept of design is a process of joint work and discussion. This is a fundamental activity for the project as it is the basis on which we will step in the molding of furniture.

A member of our team personally takes each and every size from the design room, along with EL and plumbing terminals. This ensures that each element of the project corresponds real to the situation at the time of dimensioning. We can offer you, if necessary, displacement of EL and plumbing terminals, and redistribution of some walls to maximize space optimization.

Once an up-to-date architectural backdrop of the interior is in place, a schematic distribution of the furniture in a large-scale plan from the top is started. This is an important step as it is the basis for the furniture design. A layout is prepared with the functional areas and walkways of the dwelling because everything should have its place.

The work project is the basis of all repairs, so we pay close attention to its preparation - through detailed, precise and detailed drawings. The precise drawings are a guarantee for the quality and trouble-free execution of the repair and construction works and for the complete conformity of the furniture and the furniture in the project. This saves a lot of time and minimizes the likelihood of errors.

The project documentation is a set of drawings and specifications of all furniture, materials, accessories (lamps, carpets, etc.), electrical and plumbing schemes (existing and / or new), suspended ceiling drawings and more. With this documentation, the client should be able to complete his 1: 1 project with any furniture company or craftsman. We offer both copyright supervision and full turnkey implementation of the project.

Last but not least are 3D photorealistic rendering - renders. They recreate the molding of furniture and the color combination of materials in the interior. Ready renders are made for each room - as much as they are needed to get a full idea of ​​what the future home or restaurant would look like.

We also offer our customers 360-degree panoramic photorealistic visuals for virtual reality glasses. We bring them into the future so they can feel the interior of the project in its full brilliance. Thus, the ultimate goal of furnishing is now quite clear and can be achieved.

In our projects, apart from complying with the set budget, we also use only furniture items that are actually available and can be purchased or made. This step ensures that after the end of the design project, the result will not differ from your 3D photorealistic preview you have approved.